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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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was crossing the street when he was hit he did get -- go up on the hood of the car then fell to the ground. he was in the crosswalk between the police station's parking lot and administration building. police say the building has several cameras, a source pointed out that investigators are likely checking to see if any of those cameras captured the hit. sources who spoke with the lieutenant say he saw the woman stopped at the light as he was crossing, when the light turned he hadn't finished crossing yet but she started through the intersection any way and hit him. the source said the woman and the officer looked at each other and her look seemed to say, i'm sorry but when she saw him stand up and appear okay, she drove off. he got up, went inside and filed a hit-and-run report. he has bumps and bruises but was not taken to the hospital. police say he's okay.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have developing news from contra costa county, detectives are working to identify a body found near i-680 between pleasant hill and martinez. terry mcsweeney is live there. what do we know this morning? >> reporter: right here at concord avenue, and the 680 northbound on-ramp in the bushes over there is where this body was found last evening. i was over there, we could zoom in, there are shopping carts loaded with stuff, there is what appears to be a homeless area where someone had been sleeping and also there's a nearby freeway over pass, looks like there is a homeless encampment under that. having said that look at pictures from last night, deputies going through the bushes, they are going through
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looking for just about anything they can they could find they are not calling this a suspicious death they are just saying they have a body found out here in this area last night and a lot of deputies came out here to the pleasant hill area and looked and what we were trying to find out this morning is exactly what they found they are being tight lipped to this point all i can tell you is body found last night in an area where there is or has been a homeless encampment in the very recent past. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:03. doesn't looking to give or misty where terry is i encountered a little driving in. >> i did as well. good morning. look at live doppler quiet picking up mainly dry air this morning and it looks like we
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are going to have the bay bridge looking clear compared to yesterday morning we'll move on the hanging in the air and has kept things mild mid to upper 50s towards the afternoon i think we'll see sunshine after the lunch hour partly cloudy at the coast and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s bright irbe low to mid 60s inland dry -- dry and mild sunshine and clouds and low 60s. nice live shot 80 westbound past golden gate fields, university avenue, into berkeley, you can see traffic is light, headlights towards the macarthur maze no problems westbound leading into the bay bridge toll here's what will find light traffic here as well, no problems with light traffic upper deck cantilever section heading into san francisco everybody at the limit's bound highway 4 closed at loveridge for another 25 minutes detour
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in place westbound commute is good checked in with mass transit, everybody is up and running on time. >> the latest storms continue to cause trouble across the bay area even though it is not raining now. a portion of highway 1 in sonoma county is closed because of a rock slide it hit between fort ross and meyers grade roads north of jenner debris is gone you can see the damage small section collapse caltrans hopes to have the road open by noon today. small community in the santa cruz mountains is being asked to conserve water after the weather stirred up the region's main water source. department of public works urging residents in the area to scale back, water clarity in the alpine creek is not acceptable for drinking standards. it should take a couple more
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days. until then the county will continue to import water. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. track every storm this season any time with live doppler at we are learning more about the woman who was gunned down while riding her bike tuesday. 56-year-old pam mullins had -- make that 50-year-old pam mullins was shot in the head as she road her -- as she rode her bike. candles spelled out her name. those who knew mullins say she devoted her life to caring for officers. she was a caregiver to seniors. >> she was a loving person, went to work, come home, family oriented. why would someone want to do this. >> we love our auntie and wish she was still here. >> why someone shot mullins is still a mystery.
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police asking anyone with information to come forward. san francisco police trying to track down owners of millions in stolen goods. this part of the haul officers confiscated in the bust of a fencing ring most items were electronics. police say they were taken from car break-ins in oakland and san francisco. they have more than 1,000 items worth up to two million dollars. they believe three people arrested are part of a larger theft ring if you think something is yours, go to, click on see it on tv. the epic billion dollar patent battle resumes in a federal courtroom in san jose today. excuse me for a moment. the big buzz online possible first pictures of the next iphone possibly the iphone 5 s,
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french website showing two photos claiming to have found them on an online forum, one looks almost identical to the 5. >> i took a look online, second image reveals components inside. >> there it is. >> they look a little different from the current model, suggesting it could be new or it could be a well made clone. >> yes. >> i don't think we can tell by looking. that's the buzz. >> you know how they work in the high-tech industry mike is on the scent of the weather. >> game time temperature, very important to the fans ii -- you are going to enjoy the rest of today into the afternoon. it looks a little like we have radar returns off the coast, this is the radar shooting into the clouds nothing falling from the clouds,
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that's the difference between drizzle and mist, a lot of the mist saturated air mass causing dew possibly on bridges, other than that drew. visibilities are lower this is in the horizontal, four miles livermore you can see across the landscape, three in novato clouds are around 900 feet f you live above, obviously going to be thicker and wetter for you. mist and fog through 7:00, mid to upper 50s noon breaks in the clouds, slow reveal of sun keeps temperatures in upper 50s at noon upper 50s to low 60s 4:00, 7:00 upper 40s to low 50s. next three days slow warming trend fog less dominant during the morning more shun, mid 60s by the time -- more sunshine, mid 60s by the time we get to the afternoon.
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san rafael southbound out of novato past lucas valley road marin ymca on the right, string of headlights moving nicely at the limit, no problems towards central san rafael, waldo grade fog-free, visibility good towards the golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound it is clear there. san francisco folsom street at essex a car hit a hydrant, spewing water everywhere affecting the ramp to eastbound bay bridge you cannot use that ramp to the eastbound bay bridge until they get water stopped. eastbound carquinez bridge roadwork until 8:00, affecting three lanes there. 5:10. >> next, big milestone construction of the new 49er stadium reaches today. driving perk for california lawmakers, not before some passed the buck to taxpayers. first, this morning's
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america's money report. good morning. mega bank lay-offs, city group announced plans to -- citigroup announced plans to slash 11,000 jobs, wall street had a good day, dow rose 82 points yesterday to close above 13,000. investors appeared optimistic after avoiding the fiscal cliff after the president suggested a deal could be reached in a week. government issues new warning about reverse mortgages that give seniors immediate cash payment in exchange for future equity. today the obama administration will recommend seniors be careful before signing one. new starbucks likely coming to a neighborhood near you, planning to open 1500 more cafes over the next five years, averaging two
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good morning. 5:14. live look san francisco looking across the bay into oakland and east bay, something is happening in the east bay. yes! the raiders game! [ laughing ] >> that was too easy. >> hosting the broncos and peyton manning. >> should be a good one. we'll check in with mike. developing news in the
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search for a nevada couple reported missing after driving into the sierra. a woman has been found injured a week after she and her boyfriend disappear. 46-year-old paula lane was found last night and lifeflighted to a hospital searchers found the body of the man they believed to be 44-year-old clifton last seen leaving sacramento as last thursday's storm hit. the couple apparently got stuck in the snow. at least a dozen california lawmakers have repairs done on state issued cars last year before buying them interest the state. legislators spent $78,000 on oil changes, maintenance, new tires, the california fair practices commission sestak cali, they didn't do anything wrong. >> as long as the cars were still in the possession of the legislature and major repairs while they were doing them for sale that should be okay. >> the fair political
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practices commission says it will investigate to make sure all ethics rules were complied with. new associated press poll shows there is clear support for president obama's insistence on raising taxes on highest income earners. in the poll 48% want the cuts on income exceeding $250,000 a year to expire in january, while continuing them for everyone else, 30 to% wanted to renew -- 32% wanted to renew tax cuts for everyone. this afternoon, the 49ers' new stadium will reap a construction milestone crews will erik the uppermost structural steel beams 200 feet above the ground. -- 49ers ceo york and other dignataries will hold a ceremony. the two beams pained gold will bear signatures of the projects 570 construction workers, 49ers as well as
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santa clara city leaders. the work began in july. the stadium remains on schedule to open for the 2014 season. we had 49er day earlier in season now it is raiders day. definitely going to be a tough morning. not hanging heavy over the bay bridge or as we look at the ferry building from downtown san francisco wind blowing out of the west keeping dense fog from forming. also what is pushing the moisture into the atmosphere and why we have mist in the air. most of us will have a dry commute this morning. mist is a little thicker and when you are driving through the clouds above 900 feet you may get slickness on the roads. no organized areas of wet weather this morning.
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mid to upper 50s, mild this morning, same temperatures around the monterey bay and inland. fog and clouds through noon today then breaks develop during the afternoon partly cloudy by the end of the afternoon more fog and cooler conditions tonight mild and dry weekend on the way. today 60 in san francisco, richmond, vallejo, 61 san rafael. oakland, san jose and livermore 62°. 61 at half moon bay. 63° morgan hill. kickoff 5:20 partly cloudy, 56° by 9:00, three and a half hours to get the game in it will drop to 50. tonight temperatures keep falling into the 40s in most
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areas thickest fog actually fog in the central -- thickest fog will be the tule fog. high pressure building in a lot of cloud could have not a very clean area of high pressure, but coming in and pushing the storm track north that will be the big change in the forecast it is going to be try, not only this afternoon but through the end of the seven day forecast on wednesday, temperatures coolest will be 60 at the coast warmest mid 60s through sunday and into monday and tuesday. have a great day. if you are traveling to see the raiders take on the broncos at 5:20, in the thick of your afternoon commute you can expect slow traffic on 880 past coliseum this afternoon. to san jose, clear sailing, smooth, no problems, 87 northbound past hp pavilion
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julian street on-ramp, no delays northbound to the bay bridge no problems nice light ride into san francisco no problems on the incline making your way towards the tunnel, eastbound 580 north flynn expect roadwork in lanes until 11:00, westbound not bad out of the central valley. fire hydrant spewing water in san francisco folsom at essex, is effecting essex on-ramp to eastbound lower deck bay bridge you cannot use that ramp you want bryan street access. recall alert for parents from 7 on your side. government taking action against makers of the nap nanny, a portable baby recliner, five infant deaths were reported. it poses a substantial risk of injury and death to infants. the commission says it is dangerous with a faulty design and demanding recall.
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coming up why the makers are refusing to pull the product off the market. s did say new genetic testing may give expectant moms more information on their baby's health. 6% of fetuses shown to be normal by conventional testing were found to have abnormalities byél=ñ gene scanss from mental retardation to fatal diseases. columbia researchers say the tests are not done so people can end pregnancies but to learn prognosis and what special care the baby might need so couples can make an informed decision. next f you could smell like any fast food chain, which chain would you choose? if you said pizza hut, you're in luck, we'll explain. the search is over in berkeley. the cal bears have a new head coach.
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good morning.
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live look from sutro tower camera it is not raining today. mostly dry although there could be a little mist, but nothing that will -- [ unintelligible ] >> broncos have a seven game winning streak raiders have a five game losing streak. >> [ unintelligible ] >> she the most optimistic person. that is great. mike take over. big changes in the quarterback for broncos and head coach in the raiders hopefully things will turn around tonight good luck guys. temperatures around 56° dropping to 50 from the
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beginning of the game until the end you need to adjust clothing you are going to wear that crazy get-up any way. looking at live doppler over the last three hours, radar returns are showing up over the ocean more of the radar shooting up into the clouds not getting reports of rain or drizzle from the clouds, very moist this morning. clouds until noon, then partly cloudy afternoon with low to mid 60s. around the state you saw doppler quiet, 50s and 60s everywhere 49 tahoe, 80 palm springs. good morning. nice commute, live look in san rafael as you make your way southbound 101 past marin ymca towards civic center looking good, no fog this morning at this point san mateo bridge tail lights westbound everybody at the limit moving towards foster city and hayward both directions looking good. roadwork another five more
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minutes eastbound highway 4 continues to be closed at loveridge, detour in place that should be picked up by 5:30. on the peninsula roadwork before 92 both directions of highway 101 affected until 6:00. roadwork eastbound carquinez bridge three lanes affected until 8:00. can i talk about my cal bears now? >> go ahead. >> this afternoon cal is holding a news conference to introduce the new coach. sonny dykes was hired yesterday to rebuild the program. he leaves louisiana tech after three seasons. this year his bulldogs posted a 9 and 3 record. he runs offense and is expected to bring exciting football to berkeley, we need it. he has previous experience. [ inaudible ]
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news off the earth, the moon probably in planet were more fiercely bombarded by space debris in their infancy than previously believed. using mapping data nasa says the moon is badly pockmarked below the surface. nasa presented the findings at a san francisco meeting of the -- >> when you are hungry the smell of a fresh baked pizza can be intoxicating that's why pizza has made purr fume. the company boasts -- perfume. the company boasts -- a little touch behind the area and anchovies maybe, the company passed out 110 bottles of the concoction to fans on its
5:28 am
canadian facebook page it is not the first to try a perfume, burger king made a grilled meat -- [ unintelligible ] >> i can see that backfiring. instead of attracting romantic interest, like a bear will come after you. >> yes. 5:28. developing news in the east bay, turning to more serious note, deputies trying to solve the mystery of a body found along side 680 freeway. watery mess in san francisco after care hits a fire hydrant. why the driver is
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good morning. thank you for being with us.
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i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we have raiders-broncos tonight. mike has the forecast. looks like we are going to have a dry commute this morning other than some of the mist that is hanging in the air, in -- and the fact ha clouds are hanging 900 feet means you may run into a little moisture during your morning commute. visibilities still above three miles in most neighborhoods the dense fog is out there in patches not very widespread. going to take the better part of the morning hours for us to start to breakthrough cloud deck by the afternoon partly cloudy upper 50s to near 60 coast put the wet weather gear away get the sunglasses out, low to mid 60s, hang out in the low 60s inland. good morning. 80 westbound towards richmond and into the berkeley area,
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looking good moving at the limit. yesterday a big mess starting off the morning with several accidents. today a different story. westbound 580 airway, accident in the median not in lanes, slowing out of the central valley now. eastbound dumbarton roadwork for another 30 minutes towards the newark fremont area. 5:32 developing news from contra costa county. detectives are working to identify a body found near i-680 in pleasant hill. terry mcsweeney is live there. what is the latest? >> reporter: right across the street from me is where the body was found in the bushes. you will notice a blue object, silver object, shopping cars evidence of a homeless camp don't know if that has anything to do with this homicide. pictures from last night, you see deputies and a lot trying
5:33 am
to figure out what happened to this individual. what we are hearing this morning is not much. they are being tight-lipped, waiting to get official word as to where investigation stands this is a busy area, concord avenue and of course the 680 on-ramp busy and 680 right here this is where the body was found last evening the investigation underway. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning san francisco police and arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly house fire. it started 8:40 last night on st. charles in ingleside heights. an off-duty firefighter smelled smoke and an heard the department. 40 firefighters arrived and discovered the body on the second floor. they had the fire contained 30 minutes later. the flames burned through the garage up to the second floor.
5:34 am
in oakland police looking for a woman who struck a lieutenant a hit-and-run as he crossed the street last night before midnight at 6th and washington. the lieutenant was in the crosswalk when he was hit. he had not finished crossing when the light turned green and the woman started through the intersection, knocking him on to the hood of her car. he fell to the ground suffering bums and bruises, the woman -- bumps and bruises,. the woman drove off. developing news out of san francisco essex street on-ramp to the bay bridge eastbound closed now because of a watery accident. water spewing from a fire hydrant after a car smashed into it sending water 50 feet into the air. police say the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of dui. right now that ram closed due to flooding. -- that ramp is closed due
5:35 am
flooding. amy hollyfield will have a live update in the next half hour. oakland now the first city in the nation to willfully surrender control of its police department to a court appointed director. the city reached a deal yesterday to avoid a federal take over. a 2003 lawsuit requires apd to make more than 50 reforms that still haven't happened. a compliance director will now oversee the department that person will have the power to demote staff or fire the chief. a judge will rule on whether to approve the deal next thursday. in san francisco the board of supervisors set to review police department plan to arm some officers with tasers. the chief asked the commission in august to arm the department's crisis intervention team with tasers as part of a pilot project. community organizations are expected to speak out against the proposal today. they say tasers use can be deadly and could increase excessive police force against
5:36 am
the poor, homeless and those in psychiatric distress. 5:36. washington just became the latest state to allow same-sex couples to marry and they didn't waste time. hundreds waited for hours before the king county auditor's office opened just after midnight to start distributing licenses. washington joins eight other states that allow gay and lesbian couples to wed. voters passed referendum last month. marijuana possession is now legal in washington state and pot smokers have been celebrating in the streets of seattle, people gather at the space needle for a new year's eve-style countdown to midnight when the measure passed by voters last month took effect. when the clock struck 12, they cheered and lit up. the duchess of came brynn has left a london hospital.
5:37 am
-- cambridge has left a london hospital. new video of smiling kate middleton leaving the hospital early this morning. her husband, prince william bay her side. the royal couple's office says she will head to kensington palace in london for a period of rest. she is less than 12 weeks nap. the couple is expecting their first child -- leaving the hospital and looks picture perfect. >> but she is not feeling so well so she can make the raiders game tonight. maybe you have tickets. >> [ unintelligible ] it will be nice, 56°. i heard she would lend you her war paint and costume if you would like it kristen. >> thank you. wish we were the same size. [ laughing ] good morning. here's a look at live doppler can't wait to see the crazy
5:38 am
people at the game tonight. mist hanging in the air, no drizzle and no rain, the drier pattern is slowly gripping the bay area, west wind 18 miles per hour sfo still pumping in moisture into the air mass the reason why we have the low clouds and patchy fog this morning. we'll stay that way through 7:00, temperatures mid to upper 50s. noon breaks in the cover upper 50s to around 60°. 4:00 partly cloudy upper 50s to low 60s. then it is going to get cool by 7:00, without the clouds upper 40s to near 50. put the wet weather gear away, get ready for sun and warmer weather, low 60s tomorrow, mid 60s by sunday. so far, so good. by the way, with the raider game gates open 12 noon today, you can expect heavy traffic
5:39 am
around the coliseum as tailgating gets underway, game time 5:20. san jose 87 northbound light traffic moving getting busier past hp pavilion northbound no problems no slowing looks like a few more cars coming into the bay bridge toll no major slowing and no metering lights looking good on upper deck into san francisco. westbound 580 airway first reports of accident in the median starting to slow out of tracy from 205 in the westbound direction. we checked with mass transit, all on time. that's traffic at 5:40 this morning. raiders' fans are gearing up, kira klapper checking out those fans all deck out. >> reporter: at ricky's in san leandro, it is never too soon for raiders' fans to love their team. a love report coming up --
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[ inaudible ] also, trouble in cairo. violence breaks out, why the government is turning tanks on the egyptian p
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good morning. 5:43. raiders day on this thursday live look you can see no rain on the embarcadero not really that foggy in picture but there's some fog out there some of it dense. your visibility could be an issue this morning. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco, coming up. raiders day, did you say raiders day? >> i sure did. never too early for die-hard fans to begin celebrating. in less than 12 hours, the raiders will host peyton manning and the broncos. kira klapper is live at ricky's sports bar in san leandro where they take their pregame ritual seriously. >> reporter: they sure do.
5:44 am
good morning, 12 hours until game time people are already getting ready. they are here because ricky's is a second home for fans, a veritable museum, a shrine to raiders past and present since 1946 -- [ inaudible ] the owner can't pick a favorite nook or cranny of the bar because he treasures everything here. look at this wall to our left. these jerseys are rare from memorable players the last three won the first super bowl for the team in 196 -- in 1976, ricky tells me it is an honor to provide a home like this for fans from all over the world. when i
5:45 am
see people like last night we saw people from all over the country. they come in here and get to experience the real feelings, folks here and stuff, and it is just amazing. unbelievable. it works both ways, i get as much from them as they get from us that's what makes it so good. >> reporter: lots of fun for fans, of course. did you know raiders themselves come here to ricky's? jerry rice was here yesterday and phil will be here for the kansas city game. coming up we'll have more from these die-hard fans. lots of fun here, eric and kristen, wish you could be here. kira klapper, abc7 news. game coverage begins today at 4 p.m. with larry biel hosting a special pregame show. lincoln kennedy and rod woodson will join us for that.
5:46 am
at 5, the coverage of the game begins. once the game ends larry, lincoln and rod will return with after the game. then it is abc programming: broncos favored by 10. we know you can make that up pretty easily. will you need the waterproof make-up tonight? >> i think it is war pain. >> excuse me waterproof war paint. >> kira called it make-up and they got really mad. good morning. waterproof war paint, waterproof whatever those things are that you wear to raiders' games, you won't need them, it is a little misty, a lot of moisture in the air clouds hanging low over the bay bridge.
5:47 am
doppler waiting for the next system, may have to wait a while, going to be 10 to 14 day stretch before we get another healthy chance of wet weather. we need it, we are pretty soggy now. temperatures, if you are heading out now, mid to upper 50s not only here but around the monterey bay and inland. today's forecast, fog through the morning, once we get to noon, break in the clouds, sunshine for the afternoon. more fog and cooler tonight weekend afternoons mild and dry. fog forecast everywhere for the morning commute the biggest difficulty especially if you drive above 900 feet where the cloud deck starts. fog breaking up noon, patches out there, by the afternoon hours in partly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the low to mid 60s not only at the coast all the the way inland a few upper 50s at the
5:48 am
coast. low 60s monterey bay inland partly sunny temperatures in the low to mid 60s. tailgate to football gates open up five hours before noonish, clearing 56 by 3:00, greater and 58 game time temperature 56° by the end of the game around 9:00, partly cloudy and cool about 50°. 40s tonight with patchy fog, most widespread dense fog is the tule fog in the central valley. high pressure moving in behind this cold front not the cleanest area of high pressure, a lot of cloud cover with it, pushing the storm track north that's why we have extended period of dry weather. low 60s today, tomorrow, a few mid 60s saturday, most of us will be in the mid 60s sunday through wednesday. have a great day. don't forget that coliseum
5:49 am
traffic could get nasty on 880, give yourself plenty of time. san rafael through marinwood into terra linda, southbound 101 past civic center at the limit, lights towards lincoln central san rafael on the way to bay bridge fog-free, no visibility issues four lanes southbound golden gate bridge crew picking up cones across the highway, no problems if you make your way into the city to the bay bridge a little busier, minor delays for cash paying folks, no problems upper deck to the city. busier drive times this morning 580, highway 4 and east shore freeway. >> in cairo, the egyptian army is deploying tanks outside the presidential palace today after deadly overnight clashes between supporters and opponents of president morsi. five are dead, nearly 450 injured as egypt descended further into political turmoil
5:50 am
over the constitution drafted by morsi's allies. things by dawn the opposition is vowing more protests today and rejecting any dialogue unless the constitution is drafted -- is rescinded. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. dire warning about what would happen if the u.s. economy goes over the fiscal cliff. survey says 1 1/2 million americans could lose jobs if lawmakers fail to come to agreement automatic spending cuts and tax increases are triggered inside. nationwide insurance warning computer network hacked names, birth dates, social security and driver licenses numbers likely stolen nationwide is apologizing and offering identity theft profession for years. hostess may have a buyer for its wonder bread bran.
5:51 am
even with the sale, it could take -- take months before the bread brand wraps up again. estimated 300 million dollar magic kingdom make overincludes pagers so and serving beer and wine themó?5to past five years. abc7 is owned by disney. big change that could be coming to storm warnings because of superstorm san >> dispute forcing bay area --
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5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. check out last three hours on live doppler, quiet radar returns over the ocean is the beam shooting into the clouds nothing is talling but moist with mist hanging in the -- nothing is falling but moist with the mist hanging in the air clouds 900 feet you may be driving through and may use wipers once or twice. low to mid 60s in the afternoon. after the noon hour sun breaks out clear on doppler across the entire state, mainly in the 50s and 60s, tahoe 49,
5:55 am
palm springs 80. good morning. minor delays at the bay bridge toll, especially paying cash into san francisco no metering lights yet. all mass transit on time if you are planning ongoing to the coliseum for the raider game today bart would be a great way avoid possible jams around the coliseum. police activity folsom at essex blocking eastbound lower deck access from ex-says, you need to ice bryant street. -- coming up, superstorm sandy forcing the national weather service to rethink the way it warns the public about dangerous staorps. proposal would give the service the option of aoeufrb ewing watches and warnings for storms that threaten life and property between they are no longer and tropical storms. the service was criticized after it stopped issuing warns after winds fell below 74
5:56 am
miles an hour. critics say that caused in the storm's path to fail to realize now dangerous it still was. dispute over the price of crab keeping boats in port in san francisco, half moon bay and bodega bay before thanksgiving fishermen were earning $3 a pound prices took a dive after the holiday. fish brokers are paying $1.80. last year fishermen were on strike for weeks until they reached an agreement. 5:57. it is raiders day on abc 7 fans are already pumped up. watery mess in san francisco causing problems for commuters right now. why the driver who hit this hydrant is in jail this morning. he did having news in east bay deputies found a body alongside i-680. we are live at the scene.
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just but 6:00 on this thursday good morning thanks for waking up early and joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in less than 12 hours from now there will be a football game this is raiders day on abc7. >> [ unintelligible ] >> gates don't open until noon by then the mist will have lifted and the fog will start lifting partly cloudy this afternoon, mid 50s by the time the game starts at 5:20, 50° by the time the game ends around 9:00. good morning. i'm so happy to show you


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